My Axxela journey so far has been fulfilling and exciting. I joined the team on Monday, 13th January 2020. On my first day, I was taken on a tour of the office and introduced to my new colleagues with whom I would be working with for six months. Next, I obtained the necessary tools required for productive work. I was quite nervous as this was my first internship. However, everyone at the organisation allayed my fears with their warm welcome. I also received gifts – Axxela branded souvenirs.

My supervisor drafted me to the company’s Corporate Services Department, and one of my first tasks was to ensure the organisation’s conformity with standard operating procedures. So far, the assignments I’ve undertaken have allowed me to frequently and effectively interact with my colleagues. I have learned better time-management skills and more efficient ways to handle constructive criticism. I am also forging life-long friendships with several employees here, and I have the confidence that I’d have grown more professionally upon completing this internship.